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Virtual Orientation

October 11th at 7pm (PST)

Come join Oresat and PSAS! We are having a virtual orientation on Tuesday, 10/11. Everyone is invited!

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Past Events

Virtual Orientation

October 6th at 7pm (PST)

Come join Oresat and PSAS! We are having a virtual orientation on Tuesday, 10/6. Everyone is invited!

Join the Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS) for the 2nd Annual PNW Aerospace Expo! This year we will host a day of webinars with special guest speakers from throughout the space industry!

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Attendance via Zoom will enable all registrants to participate in Q&A and PSAS hosted break outs during the lunch break!

Note: registration is free this year. However we are a volunteer organization. If you'd like to support our student engineering projects, please consider making a donation to our PSU Foundation Account!

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2nd Annual PNW Aerospace Expo

Hosted by the Portland State Aerospace Society

Event Schedule:

10:00 - PSAS Introductions

10:05 - Alice Bowman, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

11:00 - Stuart McClung, NASA Johnson Space Center

12:00 - Lunch and Special Breakouts

13:00 - Dawn Harms, Momentus Space

14:00 - Keoki Jackson, Lockheed Martin

15:00 - Daniel Adamo, Astrodynamics Consultant

Learn More about our speakers:

Alice Bowman

Alice Bowman is a member of the Principal Professional Staff at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland. She is the Space Mission Operations Group Supervisor and the NASA New Horizons Mission Operations Manager.

New Horizons: NASA’s Mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt

On June 14, 2015, NASA's historic New Horizons mission become the first spacecraft to fly by Pluto. Then it made history again on January 1, 2019 as it made its first encounter with a Kuiper Belt object (KBO).

Alice will speak about New Horizons’ continuing journey through the eyes of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory mission operations team and describe some of the technical, scientific, and personal challenges of piloting the spacecraft across the solar system to the farthest reaches of the planetary frontier.

Stuart McClung

Current assignment: Orion Program; Program Planning and Control office Chief of Staff


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Valparaiso University

Since 2006, Mr. McClung has worked at NASA Johnson Space Center in the Orion Crew/Service Module Office. He is currently the Chief of Staff in the Program Planning and Control Office.

Mr. McClung recently completed his 1 year assignment to NASA Headquarters as the Orion Program executive, representing the Orion Program to internal and external stakeholders. Prior to that assignment, he served as the Functional Area Manager for Mechanical and Pyrotechnic systems and lead for Orion Production and Assembly. a focusing on engineering and supply chain management. Mr. McClung spent seven months in 2010 at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans as the Orion Ground Test Article vehicle manager. He also served as the Orion Production Operations Deputy Manager for Exploration Flight Test -1 for nine months at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida... Mr. McClung joined NASA in 1989 in the Orbiter Project Office at Johnson Space Center. He served as project manager through 2005 for orbiter hardware upgrades and safety improvements, including the orbiter docking system, external airlock, and the main landing gear. In 1992, Mr. McClung spent one year at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. where he served as the space shuttle orbiter liaison in the Office of Space Flight.

Orion and Artemis: Overview of Our Progress on Returning Astronauts to the Moon

Stuart McClung is the Chief of Staff for the Orion Program's Programming Planning and Control office at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas. He will share with us about his work with the Orion Space Capsule, a crucial part of NASA's mission to land the first woman and next man on the moon!

Dawn Harms

Dawn Harms is the Chief Revenue Officer at Momentus. A proven leader in the global satellite and launch services industry, Ms. Harms formerly served as Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Boeing and has held executive positions at International Launch Services (ILS) and MAXAR (formerly Space Systems Loral). She received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has long served on their engineering advisory board. She is chairwoman emeritus of the Space and Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) and currently serves on ManSat’s board of directors. In September 2020 Dawn was awarded Mentor of the Year by SSPI!

How to Establish An Exciting Career in Aerospace

Dawn is the Chief Revenue Officer for Momentus, a space transportation and infrastructure services company that will enable the next industrial revolution. She will talk about how she ended up in the most exciting career/company/industry ever -- and how you can too!

Keoki Jackson

Dana (Keoki) Jackson is the Vice President of Supply Chain & Program Performance at Lockheed Martin, where he is responsible for for effective program execution and mission success, supply chain strategy and functional excellence in program and supply chain management across the enterprise. His career spans more than 25 years in senior executive, program management and engineering leadership roles across aerospace, defense and advanced technology.

20 years, 20 jobs - On the cutting edge of aerospace with Lockheed Martin

Keoki Jackson will spend 30 minutes sharing about his own career path in the aerospace industry at Lockheed Martin, and then is dedicating 30 minutes to Q&A for students to ask him questions on how to get into the aerospace industry and questions about the industry in general.

Daniel Adamo

Mr. Adamo is an astrodynamics consultant focused on space mission trajectory design, operations, and architecture. He works with clients primarily at NASA and in academia. Until retirement in 2008, Mr. Adamo was employed by United Space Alliance as a trajectory expert, serving as a “front room” flight controller for 60 Space Shuttle missions.

Interplanetary Cruising with Earth-To-Mars Transit Examples

This 1.5-hour lecture introduces the fundamentals of orbit motion and applies them to designing a realistic Mars mission by solving the Lambert boundary value problem for Sun-centered trajectories. The patched conic technique is then applied to a Sun-centered transit from Earth to Mars, producing geometric constraints on Earth departure as an example. Summarizing this process, the fundamental design trade between minimal time-of-flight and minimal propulsion is made apparent for missions to the Moon, near-Earth asteroids, and Mars.