Help Support the Future of Aerospace in Oregon!

All donations to PSAS & OreSat are Tax Deductible via the Portland State Foundation's 501C3 status

We are so grateful to the amazing members of our community who helped with our fundraising campaign last year. Over this year we were able to accomplish so much with your generosity. We handed off Oregon's FIRST satellite! We hosted the 3rd Annual Pacific Northwest Aerospace Expo and we are getting ready to launch LV3.1, our amateur rocket! We are asking again for your support so we can continue our amazing work with our interdisciplinary team of open-source space hipsters!

Where does your money go?

With a 5 dollar donation, you help buy a cup of coffee to help fuel an undergrad working on CAD into the wee hours of the night! Just kidding! With a five dollar donation, we are able to buy fasteners and electrical components to put on our CubeSats!

With a forty-dollar donation, you are able to pay for a student's prototyping board. These are usually our electrical engineering student's first projects, and you could be a part of it - how cool is that!!?

With a hundred dollar donation you are funding the machining of our rocket parts and CubeSat subsystems. You would be contributing to some that is going to space! Pretty good bragging points to me!

With a five hundred dollar donation, you are helping pay for flight boards for the CubeSat and the airframe of our rocket. If you are looking for a last-minute white elephant gift, this will make you the coolest person at the party

No matter how much you contribute we are so happy you support us, we would not be able to accomplish what we do without you.

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