Portland State Aerospace Society

About Us

The Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS for short) is a student aerospace engineering project at Portland State University.

We're building ultra-low-cost, open source rockets and satellites that feature some of the most sophisticated amateur rocket avionics systems.

Nearly all of the PSAS rocket designs, schematics, and code we develop are published on the web. We track every change made to our files with a version control system. PSAS uses Git & GitHub as our main version control system.

Feel free to browse through PSAS project repositories here.


As with any rocket launch schedules, a successful rocket launch is usually delayed.

All launches are subject to delays and reschedules

Launch 14 (L-14) Date:
October 16th & 17th

Launch Vehicle: LV3.1


PSAS is working on two main objectives

  • Building Oregon's First Satellite (part of NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative).

  • Base 11 Space Challenge, PSAS is working to be one of the first universities to send a liquid propelled rocket to the edge of space !

These projects will help Portland State University students develop their skills and knowledge for the aerospace and other advanced -technology industries.

PSAS has adopted an organizational model that encourages business students to engage in administrative support and business development activities. This model is called the Space 2.0 Business Simulator.

Want to know what we are up to? Check out our Google Calendar!


What is Open Source?

Open source means that all research and designs that come from the manufacturing of PSAS rockets is open to the public. We also use many open sources to help us design and learn more about rocketry

I have no space experience, but want to help, can I do that?

We love all space nerds, no matter your experience. We are a club of all majors! Check out our How To Get Involved page!

Can students from other universities join?

Yes! We love working with students from all over! Check out our How To Get Involved Page to get started! We are excited to have you!